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Some people have the impression that thinking isn't really important in business. That it's all about action, not contemplation; that intellectuals all work in universities and don't have anything to say about the business world.

And some believe the converse: that business isn't important in the world of ideas. That commerce has nothing to add to the interchange of intellectual salvos; that the very idea of marketing corrupts honest debate.

At Intellectual Business, we don't agree. This is the forum for those who care about the ideas and philosophy of business; who see Adam Smith, Ronald Coase and Peter Drucker as important and significant thinkers; who believe in innovative business models and management structures based on real theory.

Serious intellectual analysis is the only way to make major progress in developing new marketing concepts, pricing models, ways of managing people or structuring organisations. Not all businesspeople are college dropouts or barrow boys - and indeed those who are, might have a fearsome intelligence to apply to the problems of creating customer value in unique ways.

In summary, we study the interaction between knowledge and economics. How does knowledge affect business, and how do businesses create knowledge? Recent research in economics sheds some light on this, and we might be described as a behavioural economics think tank.


Current research work includes:


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About us

Intellectual Business is a think tank publishing research papers and organising a series of events. Our next event, in early 2009, will be a conference on structured pricing and other innovative economic models.